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Constructing 4th – 6th Grade Classrooms in Pueblo Viejo, Nicaragua (May)


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Cost: $2,168.77
Departure City: Toronto
Departure Date: May 1, 2018
Return Date: May 15, 2018

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Pueblo Viejo is a community of about 120 families 35 km from the main city of Matagalpa. The community is largely made up of families who came from surrounding areas at the beginning of the last century to produce grains and establish pastures for livestock. Of the 1,500 inhabitants, 80% are indigenous and the majority derives their income from agricultural production.

This project involves the construction of two new classrooms to be built at the existing school in Pueblo Viejo. These classrooms will allow students from 4th to 6th grade to attend classes in the morning. Currently, they are only receiving classes in the afternoon because the existing classrooms do not have enough space for everyone to attend in the morning. The frequent rains in the afternoon is also a problem, as it makes the journey to school extremely difficult. With this project, parents will no longer have to be nervous sending this children in the afternoon. This will improve school enrollment and retention.

Since our work together, enrollment rates in the community have increased dramatically. Preschool enrollment rates have increased 110%, primary enrollment has increased 59%, and secondary school enrollment rates have increased 100%. We are excited to continue to support this community as it has become a leader in education in the region.




  • Volunteers will stay in a classroom connected to the existing school infrastructure. They will have electricity and latrines.
  • Meals will consist of rice, beans, tortillas, fruit/vegetables, and some meat.
  • SOS groups generally work for about 6 hours a day, for 8 days of the 14 day trip.
  • Tasks will include but are not limited to: digging trenches, cutting and tying rebar, laying bricks, moving supplies, and mixing cement.
  • Every group is overseen by a foreman during construction days and any work requiring technical training will be financed by SOS
  • You’ll have the late afternoon/evenings and two rest days throughout the trip to relax, explore the local area and participate in the local community.

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What's Included?

SOS volunteers sleep in available community structures (classrooms, community centers, churches), and live as close to the conditions of the community as possible.

SOS works directly with Flight Centre to process all volunteers' Outreach Trip logistics from your travel insurance to your in country needs like clean drinking water and accommodations!

3 meals a day plus clean drinking water and snacks!

SOS works exclusively with registered non governmental organizations in every community to ensure our volunteers have the best experience possible.